Virtual Data Room

Physical fireproof storage rooms are gone. The digital warehouse era is here and most companies are taking advantage of digital storage. With the increase of business mergers & acquisitions conducted online, companies need to effectively facilitate due diligence with their clients and ensure all data is stored securely. This means they must maintain their data protected via a virtual data room.

virtual data room

Efficiency and Virtual Storage

Virtual storage spaces are convenient, accessible and efficient. This is why many businesses have turned to data rooms for simple filing. Also, archiving documents online saves companies money on paper. Today, rooms that would have been used as paper warehouses are being used to accommodate employee space.

dataroom24 Provides Simplified Solutions

dataroom24 understands that simplicity is the key when using data rooms. We know that managers have more pressing things to do than stress over their data room provider’s complicated interface. Obtaining or delegating documents virtually should be easy and quick.


When we work with a company, we listen to our client and offer the best solutions that match their needs. Uploads are simple and clean. File retrieval and management are fast with the click of the mouse. Since all file formats are accepted, file conversion is not necessary prior to uploading them to the virtual data room.

Virtual Data Rooms

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) are virtual storage spaces that store documents. Uploading and retrieving documents are simple to do and readily available to any authorized individual. Furthermore, data rooms accept all types of file formats so users can upload diverse documents to the virtual data room. In addition to storage, virtual data rooms allow clients to review materials, update information, access secure sensitive data from any device, and export vital documents. Most virtual data rooms have VDR Analytics which provide snapshots of reports. Executives are able to keep track of their most active users, files, and searches.

dataroom24’s VDR

With dataroom24, uploaded documents are instantly scanned to the data room enabling for the document to be edited or shared with authorized personnel.


Users can search all types of file formats including but not limited to text, HTML, Office, and PDF files. The highly advanced search engine enables users to perform queries and download mass documents as compressed ZIP files.


File transfers to computers, tablets, and smartphones are easy via an internet connection. Moreover, the search engine sorts through large sets of data at lightning speed minimizing the wait time.


As part of the documentation process, all transactions made in the virtual data room are recorded. Each participant that enters a data room is able to define his/her security level.

Security Is the Prime Directive

While cloud storage is one of the most popular digital archival conventions, it is not effective when it comes to business platforms. Most providers do not offer the dynamic access options most businesses require.


Unlike the cloud, a virtual data room requires heightened protection and is geared towards commerce. As such, confidential material such as trade secrets, income tax returns, contracts, intellectual property information, employee information, financial statements and other vital documents must be encrypted.


Moreover, additional security measures such as two-step authorization, dynamic watermarking, customizable Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), permission-based user roles, and a secure server must be incorporated in order for the virtual data room to be successful. Depending on the service provider, virtual data rooms can be customized to meet the needs of enterprises.


Customization offers the ability to effectively manage customer’s files or un-disclosed documents. Access can be set only for authorized employees, personnel or users. Sometimes companies will provide users with view-only permissions secured by specific dynamic watermarks. These watermarks are overlayed over all viewable documents preventing the unauthorized distribution of material.

virtual data room

Security Integrated With Ease

dataroom24 allows authorized users to immediately obtain their files after inserting their password. A one-time key sent via SMS provides secure access and must accompany the user’s password. Additional security measures are provided through reliable secured servers located in secure German data centers. Extra Firewalls and supplementary shielding applications ensure the user’s data is safe.

Choose the dataroom24 Option that Best Suits Your Needs

When choosing a data room, a company must choose the most efficient and easy interface that best facilitates their client’s needs. dataroom24’s program is ready to use so transferring important files to computers, tablets, and smartphones is easy via an internet connection.


Moreover, dataroom24 provides their clients with ease to data storage, data retrieval, and access restriction for assigned individuals. Corporations have the ability to provide potential investors with easy browsing to their financial reports.

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