dataroom24: What is It?

With dataroom24, it is easy to manage all transactions online. It is ideal for trade partners, buyers, and other interested parties. This secure virtual dataroom simplifies the process of due diligence and makes transactions easier and more efficient. Read on to learn some of the best features of dataroom24.

A Highly Intuitive UI

One of the best things about dataroom24 is that it works as expected. The UI is designed for ease of use, and anyone who can use a computer can use it. dataroom24’s core program is Fraunhofer-certified, and its use is so intuitive that the end user needs no training.

No Need for Client Software

To use dataroom24, all the user needs is a stable high-speed internet connection and a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. No client software is needed, and the program is ready to use within seconds without making modifications to the end user’s computer.

Instant Scanning and Full Text Indexing

When documents are uploaded to a dataroom, they can be instantly scanned for additional search operations. With this function, dataroom24 allows users to search across documents of all types, including text, HTML, Office, and PDF files. The search function is highly advanced, allowing users to perform queries and download resulting documents as compressed ZIP files.

Easy Branding and Multiple Languages

A dataroom24 dataroom is fully brandable. Business users can brand it with corporate colors and logos to make it a perfect match for the company’s brand. The dataroom is readily available in German and English, and expanding to other languages is easy. Contact us for more details.

Simple, Seamless Event Logging

Every click or transaction made in the dataroom is auditable and unalterable and is recorded for documentation purposes. Each dataroom participant can define the logging level according to specific needs.

Automatic PDF Conversion and Additional Features

With a dataroom24 dataroom, documents are automatically converted into PDF format. Therefore, no separate PDF viewer is required. Extra components like printing and content export prevention can be activated for certain user groups, and documents can be watermarked upon request.

Evaluation of Investor Interests and Access History

Sellers can put themselves at an advantage by learning the buyer’s information and level of awareness. dataroom24 provides detailed reports on buyers’ access activities, allowing users to adjust strategies accordingly. The user model is role-based, ensuring access only by authorized personnel.

Docusync for Quick Dataroom Loading

Within dataroom24, the docusync module allows users to import existing documents and document structures. Docusync can create folder structures for millions of files with a few clicks of the mouse. With this capability, the user can get started within a few minutes rather than a few days.

Group- and User-Based Permissions

Users can give or revoke permissions easily on documents, folders, and subfolders. Through the management tools integrated into dataroom24, end users receive concise reports for all access privileges.


dataroom24 users can display disclaimers to dataroom users. These disclaimers typically display regulations, and users cannot gain access to the dataroom without agreeing to the disclaimer.

Two-Factor Authentication

Every instance of dataroom access is securable via a one-time password that must be entered along with the conventional password. The one-time key is sent via SMS.

Export Function

The export function found within dataroom24 offers users the capability to back up the entire dataroom to a local disk at any time. The export type (data only or included data logs) can be set individually.

Integrated Mass Downloads

dataroom24 has a fully integrated mass download tool that allows the user to download complete folder structures and individual documents in compressed ZIP files.

Data Center Security

Through redundant servers, firewalls, and additional protective measures, users can be assured their data is safe. All server systems are located in secure German data centers for additional protection.

Test the Data Room easily and without obligation

We encourage potential users to try dataroom24 before they buy. Go to the trial page to test dataroom24 10 days for free and without further obligation.