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Your Data Room for Corporate Document Storage

The days of needing a large, fireproof room to store paper files have long gone. Today, nearly everything written on paper can be stored in a digital format. However, many companies today continue to struggle with securing their confidential documents. While cloud storage is a logical choice, most providers do not offer the access options a business requires. To effectively manage customers files, trade secrets, and other important documents, the data room a company chooses must offer the ability to customize access to each document—allowing access for authorized employees and denying access for all others.

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Safe and Intuitive Storage

In addition to offering secure storage, the best data room is also intuitive. Managers shouldn’t have to labor over adding documents because the system is so complicated and then hold a day-long training course on how to access them once they are loaded. The entire process should be easy and, when a company works with a provider that understands what companies need from a data room, they’ll be surprised at how simple it is to upload, retrieve, and manage the company’s files. Since all file formats are accepted, there’s no need to convert any files before uploading them to the virtual data room.

Storing Small to Large Datasets

Many large companies have already tried using a data room and found it took way too long for their staff members to retrieve files within large data sets. This problem does not exist with dataroom24. This system allows authorized users to quickly access their files after inputting their credentials. The search function sorts through large sets of data at lightening speed so managers and staff do not have to wait for the files they need to do their job.

Saving Space

Because all of the documents are stored virtually, there is no need to have a secure place to store paper files on-site. Any paper documents the company holds can be archived off-site. The space that would have been used as a file room can be reallocated to use as another office space or even a break room for employees to relax for a few minutes between tasks. The potential for this space is literally endless but the most effective companies use it to increase employee morale whether that means offering a break room or rearranging the work space so employees have more room for their own projects.

Saving Time when Selling a Company

Many companies get started with the intention of, eventually, selling. Buyers need to have access to all the necessary files and don’t want to spend a lot of time sorting through them to find everything they need. A data room can make this process much simpler and help the sale process go a lot more smoothly. With dataroom24 as their data room, companies looking for a buyer can offer them the ease of access to the documents they need to make the important financial decisions. This easy to use solution makes the jobs of the current managers and the potential buyers much easier. Managers can spend time answering questions about the financial stability of the company instead of helping the investors find the documents they need.

Choosing the right option with dataroom24

Companies have several options when it comes to setting up a virtual data room but only one makes sense for businesses that need a fast and easy way to store and retrieve data, restrict access to only those who truly need the files, and make it simple for potential investors to browse through the company’s financial documents so they can make decisions faster. When a company has important files on computers, tablets, and even smartphones, transferring them all to a central location where they can be accessed anywhere an Internet connection is available can make the business run a lot more smoothly.

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