Use Cases

dataroom24 for your business

Gatherings of profit and loss accounts and the accounting of company structures can be very complex and sometimes might be a confusing process. dataroom24 can help you to maintain the control of all necessary processes.

Data Room

Extremly confidential information should remain secret. If you want to make sure that no one else can read your correspondence – even your IT – you might want to use dataroom24 for your communication within your board of directors. With dataroom24 you can give permission to each individual user to review your individual documents or folders that they need. Of course with a meaningful logging, what was accessed. Trust is good, but to be sure certainty is better.

Project Room

With dataroom24 you can store or archive your documents online. Whether you want to use your existing data or want to scan directly from your PC to your document management system like dataroom24. Everything is possible. Even connection your existing ERP systems such as SAP can be achieved with dataroom24.

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Due diligence processes

The “careful review” of company’s documents, patents or larger portfolio is usually a costly and often time-killing process. Often different specialists and interest groups are involved. The dataroom24 dataroom helps you to save time and travel costs. Experts can access the same stored data from any computer worldwide. This helps you to reduce costs and speed up the time for the valuable expert.

To learn more about due diligence please check our free checklist for due diligence processes.

Mergers- / Acquisitions-transactions

A merger or sell of a company usually is a long process for all involved parties within a due diligence. In the beginning all necessary documents for the transaction are being put together, processed and prepared for viewing by a potential buyer. dataroom24 helps you organize both documents and structures and provides secure access from any computer for your potential buyer. You can also set individual security levels for each document or user.