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Simpler, Quicker Mergers & Acquisitions with Our Data Room

A proposed merger or acquisition will always create plenty of associated challenges for the companies involved. Often most significant of these is the fact that private business records, portfolios, and other valuable information will need to be shared in secure ways with authorized parties.

Only by allowing such access can due diligence and the mergers & acquisitions offers that might follow be enabled. Traditionally, this has meant the use of a carefully monitored, on-site data room, with every access being logged and controlled. The dataroom24 document management system makes for an equally secure and far more efficient alternative that delivers in location-independent, virtual form some important benefits.

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  • Does Away With Costly, Inconvenient On-Site Attendance: Instead of a range of experts being forced to stand by on-site in case their expertise is needed, dataroom24 allows for secure, decentralized access. This speeds up the mergers & acquisitions process while limiting costs of all kinds.
  • Automated Tracking, Logging, and Access Control: Instead of the fallible, human-centered processes typical of many conventional data room arrangements, dataroom24 allows for rigorously tested, automated management of document access. The records and logs that result can be even more reliable and detailed than the norm.

Standing Out From Other Virtual Data Rooms, as Well

In addition to simplifying and streamlining the M&A process compared to conventional data room approaches, dataroom24 also goes above and beyond the competing virtual platforms.

Mergers & Acquisitions

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Free for First User with Low Fees to Add More

Getting started with dataroom24 is as painless as could be in other ways, too. The first user in the data room costs nothing, while additional accounts can easily be added at impressively low prices.

Sign In and Start Working

Where other systems require extensive setup, often on a per-user basis, dataroom24 allows for usage immediately upon signing in. Instead of fighting with a system meant to enable easier M&A work, users realize all the associated advantages from the beginning.

No Training Required

Being forced to learn how to use a virtual data room means wasting time that could be spent on other things. With an interface that is as natural and intuitive as could be, dataroom24 allows anyone to get right to work.

M&A-Aware at a Basic Level

Unlike many other products, dataroom24 reflects in precise ways the many details particular to M&A and a range of other important applications.

Increased Speed Across the Board

Just as virtual data rooms can speed up the M&A process compared to traditional ones, so does dataroom24 deliver even more in the way of this benefit than competing products. A faster, more responsive process costs less and produces more rewarding results for all involved.

Step by step to a merger or acquisition

M& A transactions in general follow a set of steps to meet to a surplus of business management regulations:

1. A target object is chosen and converged, potentially with the help of  internal or external Mergers and Acquisitions experts

2. The Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) and letter of intent is signed

3. Due diligence of the target company

4. Based on the results of due diligence more M&A transactions are processed, one of them structuring

5. The company is finally evaluated and the negotiation for the price of the acquisition is taking place

6. The contract is signed and the acquisition can be registered at the responsible competition authority

7. The possessorship is transferred after approval from the competition authority and the appointed acquisition price is payed

A Quick, Free Trial Makes the Difference Clear

Acquisitions and mergers are some of the most momentous goals companies can pursue. While taking the greatest of care at every step of the process is important, so is keeping all of the associated costs as low as possible.

That becomes a reality with the help of dataroom24, a system that delivers an unbeatable collection of advantages compared to traditional data rooms and competing products alike. As a system designed in every respect to make the complex work associated with M&A as quick and easy as can be, dataroom24 shows its strengths clearly with a simple, free trial.

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