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dataroom24 Will Uncomplicate Your M&A Document Management

Global mergers and acquisitions are expected to exceed $3.4 trillion by 2017. By 2018, analysts predict a 50% increase in M&A activity in emerging markets. Companies throughout Europe, the U.S., and elsewhere have had large chunks of cash sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right time and the right opportunities. Increasingly, boardroom decisions are being made to acquire new businesses.

dataroom24 – the Quick and Easy Solution

A virtual data room allows confidential documents and records to be secure, centrally managed, and archived. Save time and money with 24/7 document availability while preserving restricted access. This type of secure file sharing will increase efficiency and productivity, providing your company with a competitive edge.

The Paperwork Jungle

Document security and availability are overriding concerns in every M&A transaction, adding unnecessary complications to exceedingly complex transactions.

  • Documents may need to be retrieved from multiple locations worldwide.
  • Access to documents must be highly restricted.
  • Many documents will undergo frequent changes.
  • The ability to make edits must be controlled while ensuring that the latest version is always available.
  • At every stage of the M&A, especially during due diligence, there’s a mountain of paperwork to keep under control.

How dataroom24 works

Accessible From Anywhere

Access to documents is simple from any computer connected to the internet.

Usable Without Training

The interface is intuitive, no special training is necessary.

Big Data Archives

The virtual data room functions as an archive for datasets of any size.

First User Is Free

There is no cost for the first user, only for additional users.

Extended Search

Instead of hunting through file cabinets, any document can be located quickly with the search function, even when there are large datasets.

Quick M&A Transactions

Due diligence is the heart of the M&A - complete the process more quickly than you'd believe possible.

Individual User Permissions

Decide who is allowed to view or edit documents by assigning individual user permissions based on the degree of confidentiality of the documents.

Multi-Layer Security

Multiple layers of security prevent unauthorized access to your data room.

Additional Information

More information is available about the type of transactions the virtual data room will be used for.

Eliminate Multiple Copies or Outdated Documents

dataroom24 eliminates one of the headaches of any complicated transaction by keeping all documents in one location, not scattered in different departments. There is no need to locate and copy documents from one place to another. The latest version is always readily available to any authorized user, anywhere in the world.

A log entry that cannot be edited is created for each transaction, providing a permanent record of document changes.

Documents can also be stored on an external drive for use without the necessity of internet access.

Usage of dataroom24 in Merger & Acquisition


dataroom24 has many applications in addition to M&A use. When companies are being sold, the virtual data room is indispensable for storing inventories, real estate transactions, investments and other information.


Try dataroom24 for 10 days free and you won’t want to be without it.